Do you need  Pallet Wrap?

Cast Stretch Film

Flexible stretch film (FSF) is used to secure the goods on the pallet for transportation and storage. It could help to prevent from damage and reduce the loss. FSF is produced by film tube with an angle folder, which could be extended to 150%
1. Rain and dust protection:
(1.1) Goods on the pallet could be placed outdoor under raining and sunshine.
(1.2) FSF could effectively protect the goods on the pallet from dust and moisture.
2. Highly vertical and horizontal enduring tension:
(2.1) Longest and greatest packing stability.
(2.2) Greatest protective effect during transportation.
3. No need to heat up and no burning procedure:
(3.1) Eliminate fire risk.
(3.2) Reduce expenses.
(3.3) FSF will not melt and joint with packing material.
4. Single FSF size could be used in pallets or goods with different size:
(4.1) High elasticity and little change.
(4.2) Material expenses saving.
5. FSF is suitable for industry and commerce: Chemical, petrifaction, electronic, cement, fermentation, agriculture, architecture, food, fertilizer, spin & weave.

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Shrink wrap sheeting is folded (pleated) and on a roll with a 3’’ heavy duty cardboard core. Using shrink wrap is a cost effective way to protect any size or shape item for shipping and storage. The easy to learn, proven step by step process can be implemented at any facility. It is versatile, portable, and keeps items clean and dry. Protects overseas shipments from corrosive salt water air. Shrink wrap is 100% recyclable

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You may not have known it, but there are numerous types of bubble wrap designed for different purposes. If you have an unusual item to transport, you might be looking for something that offers a little more protection than your standard bubble wrap. In addition to the basic grades, there are specially designed grades that offer unique types of protection: If you have an item that is especially valuable or fragile you will want to take every possible precaution to keep it safe. In these cases you can use multiple types of bubble wrap to ensure maximum protection.

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